Our first priority is your success, and the fulfillment of your defined goals. With this in mind, we offer 360° design consulting, covering all aspects of industrial design and product development. The overriding goal is to maximize the quality and efficiency of your project.


Product development processes and challenges can vary greatly from one organization to the next. For this reason, our team offers a made-to-measure combination of services aligned with your specific imperatives.

Defining a design strategy is critical for long-term success in today’s highly competitive markets. The aim is to map out the direction of future product developments. And to lay the groundwork for your three-dimensional design activities.

We create a vision in line with the goals of your organization. This is the foundation for effective product and brand differentiation.

Our services include the development of a product design guide and a roadmap for product design implementation.


Manufacturers face rising consumer expectations, substantial investment in new products, rapidly changing markets, and global competition. As a result, they must take a critical, comprehensive look at how they develop products.

We work hand-in-hand with selected partners to provide in-depth design, trend, and market research. This is an important step in defining product requirements. It serves to validate the product concept and design. We analyze all design-relevant aspects of your product, its use, and other applicable parameters. And draw upon this information to generate innovative product concepts.

Using models, we can evaluate consumer acceptance and product usability. We leverage these insights to create a highly customer-centric product that is attractive to the target market.

We perform these tasks by accessing our Europe-wide network of consumer-research testing facilities.

Your company is an essential source of information and experience. For this reason, we value our clients’ contribution to the creative process. We hold a workshop, where representatives of your organization collaborate with our team to jointly develop concepts, using our tried-and-true methodologies. Working in small, interdisciplinary groups helps cultivate out-of-the-box ideas and approaches. These results are then fed into the design phase of the project.

Industriedesigner Peter Weber veranstaltet Workshops beim Kunden.

In today’s highly digital, connected world, almost all products are electronically controlled. Creating a user interface involves incorporating displays, controls, and a variety of technologies.

We have longstanding relationships with leading user interface designers. We harness these resources for our design projects to achieve a harmonious, holistic user experience.

Our interdisciplinary team of experienced professionals is capable of developing hardware and software concurrently. This service comprises high-level design, development of the software architecture, and GUI look-and-feel. It also includes mockups, prototyping, and implementation support.


A functional interface prototype for market research

Industrial Designer Peter Weber hat einen Controller zur Steuerung eines Zeiss Digitalmikroskopes gestaltet und gebaut.

Our portfolio also includes innovative packaging design. We have experience working with diverse types of packaging, including cardboard boxes, plastic containers, and cases.

Industrial Designer Peter Weber hat für das Zellzählgerät Amphasys Ampha Z30 unter anderem auch Zubehörteile designt.


Our team assists and advises you throughout the development process, including the production phase. As a result, we are able to guarantee design quality is not eroded during implementation.

Peter Weber bietet Consulting direkt beim Kunden.